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At the Rich Chicks table flavor & nutrition go hand in hand.


Small batch processing for better-for-you dining.


We value our process, our products and our customers.

Transformative Quality and Innovative Resources is a Recipe for Your Success


Your Success is Our Mission

At the Rich Chicks table, flavor and nutrition are served in abundance. Every day, our team strives to provide our valued customers with nutritious, farm-to-table chicken, unrivaled in quality. From our family to yours.

We believe that quality and nutrition doesn’t come from mass-production, our high-quality chicken products are always made in small batches to ensure better-for-you dining. This means we use whole muscle, skinless breast meat with minimal processing and less oil for the kind of chicken we’re proud to feed our own families.


Quality, Nutrition & Smiles: Served in Abundance

To top it all off, we offer unrivaled customer service, complete with a fast-responding, personable, and skilled team that understands the varied needs of our customers and the value of a healthy lifestyle. Rich Chicks was born from the values we hold close to our heart: To create quality, nutritious food that we are proud to feed our own families. It’s truly better chicken with a truly exceptional experience, from our table to yours.

Creative Menu Concepts

Springtime Chicken Salad

This springtime chicken salad combines vibrant romaine lettuce, and juicy strawberries for a burst of fresh flavors. Topped with toasted almonds and drizzled with a zesty balsamic vinaigrette, it’s a fun, refreshing salad that captures the essence of the season.

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