Exceptional Nutritional Quality, Flavor and Service
Rich Chick’s provides nutritionally superior products and versatile ready-to-cook frozen chicken. We offer three flavorful and nutritional lines of seasoned, breaded and battered chicken that lead the industry in providing schools, military and foodservice with unparalleled nutritional benefits, rich homestyle flavor and a level of service that is second to none.
Premium Nutrition Line
Substantially healthier than our competitors, the all-natural process we use to prepare this delicious line of ready-to-cook breaded and battered chicken products results in as much as 57% less calories from fat and up to 54% less sodium!             
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Homestyle Rich Line

Is Mom in the kitchen? This line includes ready-to-cook, whole muscle breaded and fritter-style products that are perfectly seasoned and take you home with every tender bite.

Specialty Rich Line
Whether you’re looking for South of the border fajitas or a simple boneless skinless chicken breast, this delicious line of ready-to-cook chicken products will afford you great versatility as well as quick and simple preparation.
Premium Nutrition Line
Our Premium Nutrition Line Breaded Chicken Breast Fillets have nearly 50% less sodium compared with our competition.

Premium Nutrition Line of Products